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Balikli Kangal / Turkey


Real possibility for each person to grant treasured desire: to restore health!

Miracles are created by small  doctor fishes from mountain thermal sources of Kangal.Little swimming doctors will show all magic skill for treatment of skin diseases, especially a psoriasis!

Kangal is famous resort all around the  world with the thermal sources having very favorable influence at treatment of skin diseases.

Kangal  is located in Sivas province, abounds with medicinal waters in temperature 36-37 with the high maintenance of calcium, magnesium and soda.

Thermal water and  small fishes help to cope with such heavy illness as a psoriasis.

Two kinds of fishes live together: Gara Rufa and Cyprinion Macrostamus, medical effect give joint works of these two kinds of the fishes, the first delete  lifeless squama, and the second - process a saliva pathological sites.

Doctors confirm that patients after bathing in Kangal having good dermotological results.

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Adress : Yeşilbahçe Mah. 1460 Sk. Turunç Plaza No: 6/7 Muratpaşa / ANTALYA - TÜRKİYE

Telephone : +90 242 324 66 24-25

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